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Consulting Hub is the best way to get expert advice on finding the right course for your career or life goal.

Our educational consultant’s counselling support can guide you to make the right choice for your education destination, providing accurate information, smoothing out the application process.

Whether your goal is to back to work, build skills for your current job, progress to the next role or kick start a whole new career altogether, we can help.

Accurate information, smoothing out the application process.

International students truly are better placed with us.

What a consultant can do for you?

Overseas Studying is a major milestone in anyone’s life.

Our consultant can help guide you on finding the course that best fits your needs.

We will offer personalised advice over the phone, explaining the potential career outcomes for every course.

We will discuss your career goals, study plan your education experience and your financial conditions, lifestyle to help you decide on the best course.

Guide you on balancing your study with commitments to work and family.

We can find the best study options. Advise you on financial options, such as Scholarships, Bursaries or other payment options.

Help you through the enrolment process.

We’ll take the pain out of enrolling by doing it for you.

Services for the students!

Facing difficulties for make your study plan?

Find a course that’s right for you?

Study abroad is a major milestone in anyone’s life, so our consultants are here to help.

Find out how they can help you to find the right course for your needs.

You find to contact us:

➢ we will find the course and help you through the enrolment process.

➢ We’ll take the pain out of enrolling by doing it for you.

Our Professionalism Inspired Facilities

We offer a wide range of high quality services to achieve UK University Degree.

We offer a range of student services in different subject areas and can offer blended learning opportunities to best meet your needs. If sitting in a class room with a best quality student and having the opportunity for discussion with other students sounds good to you then we can offer this.

Mike Hart

London South Bank University

John Smith

Queen Mary University of London

Angela Hart

University of Nottingham


Here’s what our happy students had to say about our services:

Consulting Hub really helped build my confidence behind the admission and with traveling and accommodation to UK, and they got me a first time admission! Highly recommended.

Harold Green

I had really good experience with Consulting Hub. I got my university offer letter in 3 days and my visa in 15 days. I was properly guided and the entire process was hassle free.

Grant Harvey

I had an Excellent experience! Got my visa without much efforts from my side. Consulting Hub took care of it all. Very friendly staff who are very much accessible and who were spontaneous in responding to my queries.

Kelly Johnson

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