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    There are scholarships for students coming from certain countries, or studying in a particular field or for those who can demonstrate the ability to become a global ambassador for their target institution.

    There are a number of scholarships in place that can help to cover the cost of tuition fees, maintenance costs, relocation and sometimes even flights between your home country and the UK. However, finding the right scholarships for yourself based on your educational profile can be difficult to find the one that works best for you. And, contrary to popular belief, scholarships are not just available to students that are academically gifted or have achieved near perfect exam scores. Talk to me, I’ll help you to answer your all questions!

    Types of scholarships

    There are a number of scholarships in place that can help to cover the cost of tuition fees, maintenance costs, relocation and sometimes even flights between your home country and the UK.

    Government-funded scholarships

    Chevening is the UK government’s international awards scheme. It offers two types of awards: Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships. Recipients are personally selected by British embassies and High Commissions across the world.

    These are joint scholarships between the UK government and certain UK institutions. They are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from six countries (China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Turkey) and may be limited to certain areas of study.

    International students from developing countries in the Commonwealth can apply for this scholarship to undertake master’s or PhD studies in the UK.
    These scholarships are available for international students from any Commonwealth country looking to do a master’s programme in the UK. The area of the study must aid the development of technology, economy, or society within the student’s country of origin.
    Aimed solely at US students who demonstrate academic merit. Excludes MBAs and certain courses.

    Other scholarships

    Most universities will offer some kind of financial aid for international students, so your institution of choice should be your first port of call when considering funding.
    These scholarships are based on the financial needs of the students.
    For students who are either academically gifted, were top sports players in high school, or excelled in community or entrepreneurial work.
    These scholarships are targeted at students from developing countries in particular.

    The UK government offers many scholarship programmes for international students.

    Sometimes private businesses or donors will fund scholarships for international students. These are also more likely to be targeted at developing countries and minority groups, or for specific areas of study.

    These can range from a small one-off payment the student can use towards their fees or a larger payment that is staggered to cover certain costs of going to university.

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