Welcome to Avon College. Avon College is a relatively small institution and we currently only run business courses. But big is not always best. We believe that delivering a good education is often best done in a close-knit, friendly environment where everyone knows your name and why you are there. When we say that Avon College is student-focused, we mean focused on you.

In the future we plan to expand the range of courses offered at Avon College. We will add further business oriented qualifications at different levels and, in addition to the English language support that is available to our business students, we plan to offer separate English language programmes, such as IELTS preparation.

But not everything about Avon College is small. We believe that our students, benefitting from the studying in a friendly and supportive learning environment, have a big future. Just like Avon College.

We wish you every success during your time with us and with your future endeavours.

Keith Hoodless, Principal

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